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October 25 2016


A Wider-Eyed Watchdog of the Clutter Surrounding Earth - The New York Times

  • The result will be an avalanche of data, a terabyte a night, the agency said.


Mao: Sharism: A mind revolution - Google Scholar

  • Culture, Free file formats and more flexible copyright licenses for creative and educational ...

October 24 2016


Is IPFS censorship-resistant? : ipfs

  • My understanding is that you can subscribe to blacklists that will prevent your machines from pinning content known to be inappropriate in your jurisdiction.


October 22 2016


Online privacy: Double agent | The Economist

  • The internet legend wants to solve the tension between the right to privacy and government’s need to know with greater transparency. In fact, he thinks that there is no real conflict between the two. Privacy, he says, is not really the issue: it is lost anyway. “Everything you do leaves a digital slime trail.” The problem is, Mr Barlow argues, that many of those in government, and other organisations, “know more about yourself than you do”—putting them in a position of power. The loss of privacy would be acceptable if there were also a loss of secrecy: “I want to know what they know about me and why.”

October 18 2016


October 16 2016


South China Sea: The world's next big war? - Al Jazeera English

  • In July, an international tribunal in The Hague ruled in a landmark case in favour of the Philippines, which rejected the Chinese claim to almost the entire South China Sea. China called the ruling ill-founded and non-binding.



October 10 2016


乱侃剩世 | 一个中国公民回国办身份证的屈辱和煎熬 - 中国数字时代

  • 尽管有条文说华侨的护照在国内等同于身份证件,但现在几乎任何人都能拿一本护照,谁有能力、谁有工夫去区分华侨与非华侨? 2003年以前出国超过一年要求注销户口,2003以后又不要求注销,前后两波人岂不是没放在同一个天平上了?


October 07 2016


Toca TV on the App Store

  • Welcome to the most playful video experience for kids 5 to 9! Toca TV combines kids’ creativity with thousands of handpicked, carefully curated videos kids are sure to love in a 100% ad-free, safe and fun environment.

September 30 2016


Majority of Americans Are Still Reading Print Books | Pew Research Center

  • Americans today have an enormous variety of content available to them at any time of day, and this material is available in a number of formats and through a range of digitally connected devices. Yet even as the number of ways people spend their time has expanded, a Pew Research Center survey finds that the share of Americans who have read a book in the last 12 months (73%) has remained largely unchanged since 2012. And when people reach for a book, it is much more likely to be a traditional print book than a digital product. Fully 65% of Americans have read a print book in the last year, more than double the share that has read an e-book (28%) and more than four times the share that has consumed book content via audio book (14%).


September 28 2016


Royalties Are Bullshit: A Musician’s Case For Basic Income | BG - Blues And Music News

  • As Billboard notes, “An accurate map of royalty pathways would be a tangled mess.” It’s not easy to get paid. Some royalties are set by the government, some are negotiated, some are paid through groups. For example, I license my music through TuneCore, which strikes deals with a series of digital music outlets, like iTunes and Spotify, each of which offers different terms of payment. Spotify pays artists, on average, $0.007 cents per stream.


September 24 2016


Warning: Not All Music Metadata Is Created Equal

  • Earlier this month, the music industry experienced this damage firsthand from an unsuspecting source, when photographer Dana Lixenberg sued Spotify and All Media Network for copyright infringement. According to the court filing and to sources familiar with the case, an unknown user made Lixenberg’s photo of the late rapper Notorious B.I.G. available to All Media Network’s metadata provider, Rovi, who then provided the photo to Spotify for use on Notorious B.I.G.’s artist page. “Not content to solely rip off the musicians on whose backs Spotify has built an 8 billion dollar company, Spotify has expanded its efforts to also include ripping off photographers,” states the complaint.


Education Edition – Official Minecraft Wiki

    • City Planning
    • Sustainable Living
    • Solar Planning
    • Rube Goldberg Machines
    • Animal Farm

September 22 2016


How to Counter China’s Global Propaganda Offensive - The New York Times

  • BERLIN — It has been a difficult year for many Western democracies — and China is rubbing it in. As Donald J. Trump rose in the Republican primaries, the state-run Xinhua news agency gleefully described the United States presidential election as “an entertaining drama that illustrates the malfunction of the self-claimed world standard of democracy.” Another Xinhua article exploited the leak of Democratic Party emails to reassert that “money politics has become an incurable disease of the American electoral system.”

September 20 2016


China’s former internet tsar returns to public spotlight — FT.com

  • The former tsar’s first major appearance in local media since stepping down comes in a markedly less vocal capacity compared to his previous work: endorsing and defending measures introduced by the administration of President Xi Jinping to tighten controls on online discourse and further wall off mainland China’s internet from the rest of the world under a banner of “internet sovereignty”.

September 19 2016


Chartbox 1 – Artist / Composer – The POLR

  • revolves around empowering the direct A2A (Appreciator to Artist) relationship. Therefore I propose creating an architecture that makes payments to the Artist who is responsible for the creation of the recording, the Composer who is responsible for the the creation of the composition and the Appreciator who brings value to the system. Any other stakeholders that the artist is in a contractual relationship with will receive their percentage autonomously via the software.

A Journal of Musical ThingsBuilding with Blockchain: The POLR - A Journal of Musical Things

  • For the past hundred years, the music industry has created “a litany of intermediaries” between musicians and their fans, some of which have helped strengthen the relationship while others have only been barriers.



A Journal of Musical ThingsDigitizing the Music Industry's Data - A Journal of Musical Things

  • the current bookkeeping methods used by the industry are paper-based. Not that paper is problematic on its own, but all that data (sales, downloads, clicks, streams, sales, to say nothing of royalties, copyrights, credits, samples, etc.) has to be manually entered from one massive database to another. As Owsinski notes, this is often the work of an intern or some low-ranking employee, who might not have the appropriate skills to make the calculations required to ensure everyone is properly, and quickly, paid for their work. As a result, data can go missing, get messed up or be improperly filed.

Technology vs. Humanity: The Coming Clash Between Man and Machine (Futurescapes) | KurzweilAI

  • Futurist Gerd Leonhard breaks new ground again by bringing together mankind’s urge to upgrade and automate everything down to human biology itself with our timeless quest for freedom and happiness. Before it s too late, we must stop and ask the big questions: How do we embrace technology without becoming it? When it happens gradually, then suddenly the machine era will create the greatest watershed in human life on Earth. Technology vs. Humanity is one of the last moral maps we ll get as humanity enters the Jurassic Park of Big Tech. Artificial intelligence. Cognitive computing. The Singularity. Digital obesity. Printed food. The Internet of Things. The death of privacy. The end of work-as-we-know-it, and radical longevity: The imminent clash between technology and humanity is already rushing towards us. What moral values are you prepared to stand up for before being human alters its meaning forever? Gerd Leonhard is a new kind of futurist schooled in the humanities as much as in technology. In his most provocative book to date, he explores the exponential changes swamping our societies, providing rich insights and deep wisdom for business leaders, professionals and anyone with decisions to make in this new era. If you take being human for granted, press Reset now with this passionately argued call to create a genuinely braver new world.



More Than 100 Million People Now Pay for Streaming Music Services

  • Streaming music services collectively crossed the 100 million-mark this month, with Spotify, Sirius XM Radio, and Apple Music driving more than 85% of the total.  Just recently, Spotify executive Troy Carter revealed that Spotify had crossed 39 million paying subscribers, a figure that more than doubles Apple Music’s estimated 17 million.


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