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July 10 2015


Confederate flag's half-century at S.C. Capitol ends - CNN.com

  • In April 1961, South Carolina hoisted the Confederate battle flag over the Capitol dome in Columbia to honor the 100th anniversary of the start of the Civil War. And it kept it there, flying under the U.S. flag and the state's palmetto flag.


Perry Link | What It Means to Be Chinese

  • Political norms were based on the family model. A ruler had absolute authority over his subjects but was morally bound to treat them properly. If he did not, they could flee or rebel, and the ruler might lose his “heavenly mandate” to rule. And how could rulers learn what proper treatment of subjects was? By reading and internalizing texts. Officials at all levels were chosen through examinations in the Confucian classics, the memorization of which was thought to instill a morality that equipped them to be proper leaders.

July 02 2015


美国之音|美学者:新国安法旨在维护中共权力垄断 - 中国数字时代

  • “这是幅全面蓝图,在更广泛的意义上,它像是对宪法的重新解释和界定,是把中国转变成一个国家安全国度的广泛策略,转变成一种类似“加里森国度”(Garrison State),即戒备森严的警察国家。”


July 01 2015


【网络民议】祝贵党长命百岁 - 中国数字时代

  • 大老虎抓了几只,苍蝇拍死不少,反腐成绩显著。剩下的基本都是好官清官了吧?那么,可以公布他们的财产吗?

June 29 2015


探讨“中华性”的美剧 - 荐读 - FT中文网

  • 中国正努力寻找自己在这个世界的位置。我们懂的,填海造岛为的不就是这个吗?


June 28 2015


7digital Earnings Show Sharp Revenue Decline from Downloads, New Focus on Streaming | Billboard

  • Revenue decreased 12% to £10.2 million ($15.17 million) from £11.5 million ($17.1 million). Operating loss was flat at £4.5 million ($6.7 million). Net income improved to £0.3 million ($0.44 million) from a loss of £4.5 million ($6.7 million) due to gains related to 7digital's stake in audio social network Audioboom.



Network of Networks - The New Yorker

  • Another family move soon landed me abroad, in Belgium, where I learned English at an American middle school on a military base and had my first encounter with an actual library. The vast supply of books available in my new language relieved my angst about running out of reading material, but I still couldn’t find everything I wanted. I was desperate to read more science fiction, and to learn about nonlinear systems. There wasn’t much in the library on either.

June 27 2015


俄罗斯科技天才用技术挑战国家威权 - 纽约时报中文网 国际纵览


June 25 2015


Apple, The Indies And The Rise Of The Digital Monopsony | Music Industry Blog

  • Now a new model is emerging where a few big platforms are beginning to exercise the power they have been quietly building for the last half a decade or so.

博客天下|这个“美国队长” 长着一张中国脸 - 中国数字时代

  • “战争本身就是一种极端暴力的体现,无论谁胜谁负,都没什么值得骄傲的。”这个凭借在战场上的出色表现,获得了美国政府授予的V级铜星勋章的年轻人,早已没了当年赶赴沙场的热血,“失败的永远是文明,每经历一次战争,人类文明就会倒退很多年。”


June 23 2015


Pandora Co-Founder: Taylor Swift's Apple Fight 'Mostly Theater' - Fortune

  • Just hours after Swift’s post went live, Apple reversed course, with the company’s SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue announcing the about-face on Twitter.



Forget China, There’s An E-Commerce Gold Rush In Southeast Asia | TechCrunch


Taylor Swift-Apple Music feud 'mostly theater' — Tom Conrad, former Pandora CTO - Business Insider

  • "Swift's letter and Apple's response is mostly theater," he writes. "Nothing here to suggest Apple treats artists more fairly than anyone else." 


June 22 2015


networking - How do I set the priority of network connections in Ubuntu? - Super User

        up vote  5  down vote     accepted 
    1. Prioritising interfaces for general traffic is done by manipulating the routing metrics. Each route has associated parameters such as hop-counts and bandwidths. See netstat -nr and the "metric" option in the man-page for route command.

    3. Prioritising application access to network resources is often addressed by "traffic shaping" - I'd use a web search-engine to see if Ubuntu or the router can do that.

June 21 2015


Taylor Swift - To Apple, Love Taylor

  • I’m sure you are aware that Apple Music will be offering a free 3 month trial to anyone who signs up for the service. I’m not sure you know that Apple Music will not be paying writers, producers, or artists for those three months. I find it to be shocking, disappointing, and completely unlike this historically progressive and generous company.


  •      不料,完美主義、形式主義、集體主義、英雄主義(簡單來說就是弱智)害慘了他們。偷雞不了蝕把米。千算萬算,不如天算。他們離場後笑意盈盈,後來才猛然發現,陳婉嫻、潘兆平、陳健波3人竟然坐在議事廳內沒有離開。勞聯的潘兆平不但留坐不走,更加沒有投票(他聲稱當時情況混亂,到他回過神來想按掣投票,點票鐘聲已響完)。結果是:37人在席,人數過半,沒有流會,其中36人投票,產生堪稱史無前例的8:28人表決結果,偽政改方案終獲「高票」否決。32位「離場」議員在場外的表情,跟電視劇《大時代》最後一集丁蟹及四蟹的破產茫然表情一模一樣,只差沒有人抓他們上天台,把他們逐一扔下樓而已。這就是這次《大時代》重播的「丁蟹效應」。

两地分歧加剧 香港年轻人欲另辟蹊径 | 德国之声 来自德国 介绍德国 | DW.COM | 21.06.2015

  • 香港中文大学教授林和立预计:"与大陆的疏远和专注于香港价值将会持续,并将会赢得更多支持者。现在大部分年轻人意识到他们可能在有生之年看不到民主的中国,因此他们想专注于香港。"



Read Chris Ware's perfect description of Minecraft's appeal - Boing Boing

  • Clara has spent hours, days, weeks of the past two years building and making navigable block worlds fuelled from the spun-off fizz of her accreting consciousness: giant ice-cream-layered auditoriums linked to narrow fifty-foot-high hallways over glass-covered lava streams, stairs that descend to underground classrooms, frozen floating wingless airplanes, and my favorite, the tasteful redwood-and-glass “writer’s retreat.” (It has a small pool.) She made a meadow of beds for my wife—a high-school teacher who craves unconsciousness—and a roller coaster to take her there. Though Clara mostly “plays” Minecraft by herself, the game allows her friends to drop into these worlds, too, and I’ve even spent some strange virtual afternoons as a floating block-self, guided by my angelic block-hammer-wielding block-daughter, zipping around a dreamscape that feels, really, less like life and maybe more like death, but in a sweet sort of way. If architecture somehow mirrors the spaces we carve in our memories and make in our minds, then something pretty interesting is going on here.


June 18 2015


Research Blog: Inceptionism: Going Deeper into Neural Networks

  • One way to visualize what goes on is to turn the network upside down and ask it to enhance an input image in such a way as to elicit a particular interpretation. Say you want to know what sort of image would result in “Banana.” Start with an image full of random noise, then gradually tweak the image towards what the neural net considers a banana (see related work in [1], [2], [3], [4]). By itself, that doesn’t work very well, but it does if we impose a prior constraint that the image should have similar statistics to natural images, such as neighboring pixels needing to be correlated.

June 17 2015



  • 郑念对文革的反思之深刻,对中国未来社会和制度走向的预测之准确,也体现在她决绝的去国之心上。在书尾,她这样写道:““将永远离开生我养我的故土,我的心碎了,完全碎了。只有苍天知道,我曾千百倍地努力,要忠贞于我的祖国,可是最终还是完全失败了,但我是无愧的。”

  • ◆我想,凭借野蛮行为达到目的的人必然相信野蛮的力量。

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