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October 01 2014


新公民运动 » 梁文道:五分鐘的香港史

  • 【新世紀】我們不能想像,當年立憲派在向清廷要求政治改革,想把權力從皇帝手上下放至一套更加民主也更加有限的框架內時,慈禧太后會這樣子質問他們:「為什麼過去兩千多年來都沒有人要向皇帝爭權立憲,今天你們卻跑過來跟我這個老人立憲呢?」



Ray Kurzweil Says We'll Be 3D Printing Our Clothes in Less Than 10 Years | Motherboard

  • Kurzweil said transnational fashion enterprises aren’t into it because, like other industries, they’re afraid their bottom line is going to sufferthat somehow, giving people the ability to create their own clothes is going to destroy the industry. Just like the home sewing machine has?


September 30 2014


英国就香港示威活动发表声明 - 新闻与分析 - FT中文网

  • 但英国官员们表示,北京方面的提议并未违反《中英联合声明》,并指出英国当年也未提供普选产生行政长官的安排。他们形容英方的姿态是“细致耐心的”。




  • 但是另一方面,他们也想确保中共的领导地位,即在一个寻求以集中的方式管理经济的封闭政治体系中的唯一权威性。这两个目标代表了两种矛盾、不可动摇的势力,而这两股势力之间的冲突则正在香港购物区的街头上演。

September 29 2014


Digital Ascendency: The Future Music Forum Keynote | Music Industry Blog

  • Music Aficionados who represent just 17% of all consumers.
  1. The continued evolution of consumer behaviour
  3. Technology company strategy
  5. Income distribution

  • And finally, the grand unifying concept to pull all this together: experience. Experience is the product. The internet did away with content scarcity. Now the challenge that must be met is to create scarce, sought after experiences that give people reasons to spend money on the artists and music they love.

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    陈方安生:香港如何寻求政治妥协 - 纽约时报中文网 国际纵览

    • 尽管陈方安生对北京的意见感到失望,但是她认为这个体制还是有一些改善的空间,即使是在严苛的指导意见框架内。目前,来自功能界别,如保险业、信息科技、旅游等产业的许多委员,不是由个人挑选出来,而是由组织挑选出的,因而可以想见会支持北京。在一次访谈中,陈方安生讨论了允许这些行业的从业者通过投票产生选举人的可能性,这样的制度可能会产生一些较为同情民主派的委员。



    Headphones market to exceed $8 billion in 2013 | Latest report on industry from Knowledge Partner | CEATEC JAPAN

    • "The headphones market is highly fragmented and increasingly competitive, with new brands continuing to emerge across all price categories," says Rasika Iyer, Research Analyst at Futuresource. "Traditional headphones brands Philips, Sony, JVC, Sennheiser and Skullcandy combined accounted for 45% of global headphones shipments in 2012 and in terms of value, Beats by Dr. Dre has captured 23% of global revenues."


    September 27 2014


    Google launches music streaming offer in Brazil | ZDNet


    September 26 2014


    印度低成本飞船首航成功进入火星轨道 - 纽约时报中文网 国际纵览

    • 火星轨道探测器(Mars Orbiter Mission),又称MOM,主要是为了证明印度能在技术性这么强的事情上取得成功,也是为了打败中国。正如莫迪和其他一些人指出的那样,印度耗资7400万美元(约合4.5亿元人民币)的火星计划,比好莱坞影片《地心引力》(Gravity)的成本还低。美国国家航空航天局(NASA)的火星任务几乎与印度的同时进行,但远比其复杂,耗资6.71亿美元。


    September 25 2014


    Spotify Ends New App Support, Shifts To Web API, Mobile SDK - hypebot

    • "Whilst no details are forthcoming, (today's change) could mean that Spotify-powered Web apps that reside outside of Spotify will finally be given a level playing field with those previously sanctioned apps that run inside of its desktop client," says Stve O'Hear of TechCrunch. "Could this be a win for a more ‘open’ web in regards to apps that want to integrate Spotify?" 


    September 24 2014


    Google Groups

    • The Caching terms of the Rdio API are what's weird, and I don't quite understand the legalese so I force a webservice call just to be on the safe side (which subsequently really drags my UI down as I have to re-communicate with my backend Java to re-fetch the bigIcon.  AJax helps, but there's still a delay that I need to create an artificial fade out/fade in between album art to compensate for a pleasant UI expereinece [Still on my TODO for http://auricle.fm).



       No data obtained through the Rdio API may be persistently stored by You in a local database except as set forth in the next sentence. You shall delete from Your application and data retention systems all Transmitted Content and other data associated with an end user or their session utilizing Your Rdio API-enabled application within twenty-four (24) hours of the expiration of such session. Under no circumstances will You cache any audio content.


    Music Popcorn – A visualization of the music genre space | Music Machinery

    • The music genre space is quite complex. Genres don’t have hard and fast borders.

    SoundCloud expands its effort to become the YouTube of public radio and podcasts » Nieman Journalism Lab

    • “unmute the web,”
    • Jim Colgan, formerly a producer and digital experimenter for WNYC public radio
      • It provided free hosting of the content
      • It provided an easy-to-embed player
      • It built a huge community

    Why Does Every PC Notebook’s Trackpad Suck? (Or Why Microsoft Is Building its Own Hardware) | PandoDaily

    • The Zenbook’s touchpad is the opposite of the Air’s—everything about it is laborious, requiring careful, frustrating choreography to accomplish even though most basic actions. The machine gets confused with multiple fingers; when Anand Lal Shimpi reviewed a Zenbook last year, the cursor got stuck when the touchpad detected both his thumb and index finger at the same time. Ars Technica’s Casey Johnson wrote, “Dragging and dropping is particularly infuriating. Once you put that second finger on the trackpad, the trackpad almost immediately forgets which finger clicked and which showed up to drag; often, the cursor will jump across the screen to the finger you just put down to drag.” Several times, Johnson noted, the trackpad’s unpredictability caused her to highlight and delete entire blocks of text.



    法广 | 要闻解说: 北京制造了一位维吾尔的曼德拉? - 中国数字时代

    • 当初伊力哈木被新疆警方从他在北京的大学校园抓走时,能从网上感到的是不解和惊讶。他批评过新疆地方当局的政策造成维汉隔阂严重,他说过,维吾尔人是一个有梦想、有历史、有信仰、有文化、群体意识很强的民族,当局应该帮助他们在政治、经济、文化各个方面成功,采用使一个民族失败的管理方式只会适得其反。他说过维族人有一种挫败感。但他也认为,虽然形势严峻,只要北京下决心调整政策,新疆问题仍有望解决。他说这些,出发点都是让大家和平繁荣地生活在一起。这一切,怎么能够构成罪名?等到新疆当局跑到北京抓人时,人们意识到问题严重。对于今天的判决结果,有不少人发出愤怒和质问。


    September 23 2014


    Private label, fully branded music download stores | Neurotic Media

    • Neurotic Media’s solutions empower record companied and artists with Do It Yourself (DIY) tools to monetize their content and engage their fans in a variety of business models.



    aëdle | Carbon Edition Headphones | AHAlife

    • They boast high performance, titanium-neodymium transducers embedded within a minimal aluminum body and has an impedance rated at 32 ohms. Dressed in genuine, hand-sewn lambskin leather and weighing a mere 7.5 ounces, this audio accessory provides exceptional comfort.

    Gallery · mbostock/d3 Wiki

      • Fuzzy Link-Bot - Entity co-occurrence in music news by Andrew Collins.

    Responsive Charts With D3 And Pym.js | NPR Visuals

    • Because it's sensitive to the initial width of its container, the graphic is already somewhat responsive.


      To make the graphic self-adjust any time the overall page resizes, add an onresize event to the window. So the code at the bottom would look like:

      if (Modernizr.svg) {     d3.csv(graphic_data_url, function(error, data) {         graphic_data = data;          graphic_data.forEach(function(d) {             d.date = d3.time.format('%Y-%m').parse(d.date);             d.jobs = d.jobs / 1000;         });          drawGraphic();         window.onresize = drawGraphic;     }); }
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