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November 26 2014


How Data And Mobile Apps Shape Spotify’s Quest For Profitability | Music Industry Blog


November 25 2014


Spotify Lost $71.7 Million Last Year... - Digital Music NewsDigital Music News

  • One of the tests of a successful business is whether the stakeholders are happy. No one is happy. The royalty structure and rate are flawed disastrously. The artist need to take control of packaging and branding their music. The streaming companies would be better off getting a royalty from the artists. In fact, that is what will happen. And that is also when music goes from spam to gold. That is when the music industry becomes 50 times bigger than what people are arguing over now. I personally love Spotify. I love the user experience. But even the music experience could be eons better if the artists had something more to say about it. And it’s not just about Taylor Swift. Solutions need to be real and positively impact artists at every level. It’s really just about putting a different inventory sharing model inside of Spotify.


This Is Not a Profile of Nassim Taleb - The Chronicle Review - The Chronicle of Higher Education

  • Taleb has no patience for so-called structured learning. "Only the autodidacts are free," he writes in the book. He pursued his real education in his spare time, doing only as much as was required to pass his courses. At 13, he set himself a goal of reading for 30 to 60 hours a week, pretty much a full-time job. To prove that he hit the books with enthusiasm, Taleb ticks off the names of more than 30 great writers he has read. We don't learn much about what he gleaned from this ardent page-turning or which authors influenced his own style. He does give the following assessment of the work of Austrian novelist Stefan Zweig: "didn't like."


November 22 2014


Different kinds of music listeners | thefullmusician

  • 1. The casual listener (“doesn’t pay much attention to the music whatsoever. This listener often doesn’t know the name of the artists or the songs that they listen to. They don’t own much in the way of music. “).


    2. The second type of listener (“likes the sound of the music and doesn’t really focus on the lyrics as much. If it has a good beat, they are into it. If it has a catchy chorus, it doesn’t really matter what the song is about, they like it.”)


    3. The third type of listener (“really listens to and analyzes lyrics. This listener cares about the whole package. It isn’t just about the lyrics. The song needs to have a good beat too, and the delivery needs to be on point. This listener is often critical of everything they hear.”)

  • 1. Sitters do not actively seek out new music, they ‘sit back’ and let music come to them – usually through radio, TV and media. Their only exposure to music is through what others present to them. They have a strong preference for chart-topping music.


    2. Seekers actively seek out music and are always adding to their collection. They may be into more underground and less popular genres. They may get recommendations from their friends, but often seek out music on their own.


    3. Standers can be hostile towards new music. They tend to stick with their own collection of music, and don’t want to add to it. They are often afficionados or fans of ‘classic’ genres. “Standers are big believers in a canon of music that is perfect and unchallengeable as the standard of excellence in the form.”

November 21 2014


Technics Returns... Without Turntables... - Digital Music NewsDigital Music News

  • Technics Tracks. It will be available in the UK and Germany in 2015. The service will offer 24-bit/192kHz FLAC tracks and 16-bit/44.1kHz CD quality tracks. It will also offer news and editorial about high resolution audio.

November 20 2014


Musicians Play Moneyball: Data Revolutionizes Another Industry


We’ve Put a Worm’s Mind in a Lego Robot's Body | Smart News | Smithsonian

  • The simulation isn’t exact—the program has some simplifications on the thresholds needed to trigger a "neuron" firing, for example. But the behavior is impressive considering that no instructions were programmed into this robot. All it has is a network of connections mimicking those in the brain of a worm. 




How Music Affects Your Productivity | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

  • According to this research, music is no exception. Participants had a much more difficult time recalling a complex task when they had listened to music.


November 18 2014


技术嬉皮士 - 荐读 - FT中文网

  • 莱姆拥有哈佛大学(Harvard)比较哲学学位,他认为,在设计他公司的旗舰产品Seaboard的过程中,东方思维帮助他挑战了西方有关身份以及分离性的观点,该产品是一台钢琴,用软性数字传感器取代钢琴键,利用来自演奏者手指的连续压力,实现声音的变化。

  • “这些设备与人们的亲密性意味着,人们希望忘记,这些设备是由那些能够将内容强行推给它们的公司开发的。”
  • “很明显,企业界对于拱手让出控制权不感兴趣;它们学到了一项战略或者说吸取了一个教训:以某些方式在技术形成方面给人们留出余地是更为明智的做法。”

技术嬉皮士 - 荐读 - FT中文网

  • “电子艺术节是一个预警系统,”参加此次电子艺术节的麻省理工(MIT)媒体实验室(Media Lab)副主任石井裕(Hiroshi Ishii)表示,“它显示出在我们生活的这个时代,人和机器的互联互通有助于解决社会问题。”


中国企业不应漠视化石燃料撤资行动 - 评论 - FT中文网

  • 今年5月,拥有总值高达187亿美元捐赠基金的美国斯坦福大学宣布撤出所有对煤炭企业的投资;9月,洛克菲勒家族的慈善基金宣布撤出在化石能源领域价值6千万美元投资;10月,澳大利亚国立大学宣布将沽出所持有的在7间煤炭和石油天然气开采企业、总值1600万澳币(约8千5百万人民币)的股票…迄今为止,已有超过181家包括大学、慈善组织、宗教团体、地方政府和非政府组织(NGO)在内的机构投资人宣布参与这一行动,并将从以煤炭、石油和天然气等化石燃料开采为主业的公司撤出投资;而参与的个体投资人数已超过656人。组织者声称,这代表着超过500亿美元的投资组合已经明确对煤炭、石油和天然气开采企业说“不”。



OCDS Draft Standard

  • The tender section includes details of the announcement that a organization intends to source some particular goods or services, and to establish one or more contract(s) for these.



墙外楼 | 孙立平:就辽宁日报公开信写几条微博 - 中国数字时代

  • 关键是看你如何对待这种批评。1962 年,哈林顿出版《另一个美国: 合众国的贫困》,将美国的阴暗面集于一书。据说当时的总统约翰逊看了这本书,受到很大震动,他没有把哈林顿作为负能量。而是提出要建设伟大社会。建设伟大社会的目标,是向贫困宣战,向不平等宣战,向一切违反人权的现象宣战。


November 17 2014


吉田松阴 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书


November 15 2014


The Swerve by Stephen Greenblatt - review | Books | The Guardian

  • He sees it as the origin of the renaissance and, in effect, of modernity.

Spotify's CEO Said Taylor Swift Would Have Made $6 Million Had She Not Pulled Her Music | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

  • All told, he says Swift was on track to make $6 million a year before she pulled her albums, and "that's only growing." That figure was expected to double next year.



Hong Kong activists denied permit to go to Beijing

  • "The Cathay Pacific has confirmed ... that the [students] got their return-home cards cancelled by the mainland authority, so they cannot get the required certificates to get onto the plane," said Yvonne Leung, general secretary of the Hong Kong Federation of Students.



Taylor Swift Removes Catalogue from Chinese Streaming ServicesDigital Music News

  • “if I had the economic resources to pay for her music, I probably would… If she released a new album next week and did the same thing, I’d still listen to it illegally. I’m not an adult, I can’t earn money, how am I supposed to pay for music? Downloading illegally is easier than asking my mum, and you can always find a way online. Only rich people who’ve lived in the US would consider paying, I think. Most people wouldn’t pay in China, because we’re used to free.”



Dr. Michio Kaku: "Caveman Principle" Good for Associations' Future: Associations Now

  • “Think of 100,000 years ago when we were hunter-gatherers. After the hunt we would joke around, dance, play, flirt at the campfire. That’s the basic model of who we are,” he said.


November 14 2014


时报回应习近平编后记 - 纽约时报中文网 国际纵览

  • 时报在这方面并非完美无瑕,的确如此;我已经写在这里了。但是,这篇社论再次展现出它报道五角大楼文件案时的勇气,以及近期发表爱德华·斯诺登(Edward Snowden)所泄露信息的勇气,值得欢迎。


  • 时报和中国之间的关系非常坎坷,这篇评论也不会使其变得平缓。但传达这些信息仍然是正确的。


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