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November 28 2015


Hubble Helps Find Smallest Known Galaxy With Supermassive Black Hole | NASA

  • The black hole is five times the mass of the one at the center of our Milky Way galaxy. It is inside one of the densest galaxies known to date -- the M60-UCD1 dwarf galaxy that crams 140 million stars within a diameter of about 300 light-years, which is only 1/500th of our galaxy’s diameter.


November 27 2015


Arati Prabhakar’s Game Plan for Innovation - WSJ

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    ARATI PRABHAKAR | ‘The way you prevent surprise is you drive the momentum by creating your own surprises.’      Photo:     Paul Morse/Dow Jones   
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OnePlus founder talks NFC, meeting demand, and what 'never settle' really means | VentureBeat | Mobile | by Paul Sawers

  • “‘Never Settle’ never meant ‘include everything’,” said Pei. “You could do everything, and nothing will be done well. An analogy I like to use is a chef who has access to a lot of ingredients, but a good dish is not a sum of all the ingredients. There has to be a curation. Always make the best choices for the user — not necessarily every user — but try to make the best choices for the majority of users.”


November 25 2015


21 - How 21 Mining Works

  • Due to this aspect of the protocol, any miner with 0.1% of the global hashrate would win only 0.144 blocks per day, or 1.008 blocks per week. A miner with a hashrate considerably less than that might never win a block over the course of a month, or even a year. As such the protocol favored returns to scale - in a word, centralization - in order to smooth out the variance of block rewards.




  • 官员们说,教育部对高等院校选择使用什么教材没有发言权。


  • 黑池是正规交易所以外的电子交易平台,通常由大型银行运营,投资者可以在此类平台上匿名交易。支持者认为,这些交易平台可以降低大型投资者进行大规模交易的难度和成本,同时可以隐藏交易目的。

November 24 2015


Adele breaks record for first week US sales - FT.com

  • Bob Lefsetz, an influential music industry critic, said her decision to snub streaming services by “windowing” her new album — making it available on CD or as a paid download for a period of time, before putting it on streaming services — was “dumb” and “keeping people in the past”.



Lantern: One Device, Free Data From Space Forever | Indiegogo

  • Outernet is an audacious project, but it is completely feasible. There are numerous hurdles that stand in our way and we are ready to face them. Here are many of the questions we have received in forums, on Reddit, over social media, and in our inboxes answered by Syed Karim, Outernet's CEO:


November 22 2015


王默: 我的自我辩护词

  • 煽动颠覆国家政权罪就是赤裸裸的政治迫害,是中共政权镇压政治反对者的一个工具。这种背景之下,通过所谓的审判把政治反对者送进监狱就成了参与此案公诉人、主审法官的政治任务。而公平、正义在这里是不可能有的,人性、良知在公诉人、主审法官身上也是缺失的。相信随着今天庭审的结束,公诉人、主审法官的名字会被很多人记住的,我还相信在某一天你们会因为参与本案审判以完成中共政权对我和谢文飞政治迫害一事付出代价。

Can humans empathize with robots? The knife test. | KurzweilAI

  • They found that brain potentials related to humanoid robots in (perceived) pain were similar to those for  humans in pain, but with one exception: The ascending phase of the P3 wave (350-500 ms after the stimulus presentation) did not show an effect for a robot in perceived pain, compared to a human. The researchers suggest that could be explained by the perceived unnaturalness of robot hands being cut by knives.



Growth in U.S. Agricultural Exports to China | USDA Newsroom

  • Secretary Vilsack arrives in China this weekend. Over the past decade, the United States' agricultural exports to China have risen sharply, propelling China into its position as the fastest-growing and highest-value export destination for U.S. farm and food products. In 2011, China surpassed Canada to become the top U.S. market and it has since retained that position. In fiscal year (FY) 2015, U.S. agriculture and related exports to China totaled $25.9 billion, comprising approximately 16 percent of all U.S. agricultural exports. 



藏学家:中共为何攻击西藏问题获解的关键-达赖喇嘛 - 西藏之声

  • 克劳德•亚庇提到中共官方在面对达赖喇嘛尊者的议题时,持有的不理智态度,质疑为何在不少中国人都认清达赖喇嘛才是解决西藏问题的关键人物之际,官方却不停止对这位藏人领袖的攻击。


November 21 2015


8 Linux Commands: To Find Out Wireless Network Speed, Signal Strength And Other Information

  • #1: Find out your wireless card chipset information

November 20 2015


美批准一种转基因三文鱼可作人类食物 - 新闻与分析 - FT中文网

  • 长期以来,消费者和环保活动人士一直抵制这种三文鱼,称其安全论据基于不充分的研究,而且若转基因三文鱼逃入大海或河流,野生三文鱼种群可能会受到负面影响。他们敦促美国超市集团在AquAdvantage Salmon上市时予以抵制,这种三文鱼最早可能在2017年上市。


  • FDA指出,养殖槽和相关管道中放置了实物屏障,用来防止鱼卵和成鱼逃跑。这种转基因三文鱼没有生殖能力,“因此就算万一逃跑了,它们也无法杂交繁殖或在野生环境下建立种群


  • TensorFlow also does its heavy lifting outside python, but it takes things a step further to avoid this overhead. Instead of running a single expensive operation independently from Python, TensorFlow lets us describe a graph of interacting operations that run entirely outside Python. (Approaches like this can be seen in a few machine learning libraries.)


November 18 2015


“中国红客”到底对ISIS发起了什么样的“猛攻”? - 中国数字时代

  • 1.中国政府不允许一个真正有技术实力的民间红客联盟存在。2.红客和IS没有价值观冲突,就算有技术实力也不会攻击它。3.中国真正有良心有水平的黑客都喝过茶了。4.瞎编条假消息就有几万转发跪舔,不得不说墙内很多人被关傻了。

Teaching Students the Skills of Expert Readers | Edutopia

  • 1. Activating: Students use their past experiences and/or knowledge to better understand the text. (Example: text connections.)


    2. Summarizing: Students restate the purpose and meaning of a text in their own words. (Example: magnet summaries.)


    3. Monitoring and Clarifying: Students determine if they understand the text. If there are misunderstandings, they clarify and correct the confusion during and after reading a text. (Example: text coding.)


    4. Visualizing and Organizing: Students create mental images of the text. Graphic organizers help to provide structure and allow students to generate ideas from the text. (Example: graphic organizer.)


    5. Searching and Selecting: Students gather information from various resources to select that which allows them to define key words, answer questions, or solve problems. (Example: claim, evidence, and reasoning.)


    6. Questioning: Students create questions about the text, ask themselves questions while reading the text, and answer different levels of questions about the text from their peers and/or teacher. (Example: question-answer relationship.)


    7. Inferring: Students interpret the text and draw logical conclusions. (Example: say-mean-matter.)


DNA证明:汉蒙满同宗,长江以南南方人不是汉人 - 历史风云 - 加拿大华人论坛 - 加拿大华人网

  • 夏商以前的中原人就是北方人,且现代华北人仍有82%汉代汉人血统,南方人错认北方人为祖。

[AM730 專欄] 指點天下 - 欣賞香港靠蛇齋餅粽?

  • 香港人欣賞香港主要有3點。一是自由、特別是言論自由。二是法治,特別是司法獨立。三是文明,特別是相對內地。他們擔心這些安身立命的核心價值會慢慢被磨蝕。他們感覺不到今屆政府欣賞香港的獨特性,反而看到不少官員不停地強調一國,欠缺包容,甚至無風起浪,例如容不下舊式郵筒?這令大多數港人由擔心到灰心,也催生了少數人的強烈本土意識。這些憂慮豈能是歌舞昇平式的活動解決得了?

两岸高峰会谈的长远影响 - 纽约时报中文网 国际纵览

  • 这次峰会对于大陆舆论方面的影响则难以评估,因为执政的共产党对进出中国的信息交流都进行了严格的控制。不过,尽管峰会没能对自由的理念直言不讳,但大陆的信息监管清楚地提醒了中国人民,自由并不存在。大部分的大陆人民无法不受限制地接触台湾的新闻或观点、或其活跃的政治和媒体,而只能接收母国宣传机构灌输的信息。


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