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June 10 2015


Spotify Plays The Big Numbers Game | Music Industry Blog

  • Apple entered the download market when none of the existing stores had any meaningful customer base. Even with that supreme head start Apple still only managed around a 65% global market share of the download business. Granted most of the competitors were bit part players but in the streaming arena it is entering an established market with proven customer bases. This will not be a winner takes all market and I fully expect Spotify to be closer to Apple than Deezer (the current #2) is now to Spotify.


June 09 2015


Uber raises $1.6 billion: Convertible debt from Goldman Sachs brings funding total over $4 billion.

  • Uber has apparently added another $1.6 billion in convertible debt through Goldman Sachs to its stockpile. Bloomberg, citing “people with knowledge of the matter,” reports that Uber has arranged a six-year bond with Goldman Sachs’ private clients that, if Uber were to go public, could be changed into stock at a discount of 20 to 30 percent from the IPO price.

Learn The Growth Strategy That Helped Airbnb And Dropbox Build Billion-Dollar Businesses - Forbes

  • Dropbox, in particular, based its referral strategy off of Paypal’s successful efforts with this technique. But while Paypal offered early users cash bonuses for signing up their friends, Dropbox offered referrers additional storage space for free. This type of reward gave users a perk they’d actually use (versus worthless ebooks or dime-a-dozen coupon codes), but it was also advantageous for the company. Instead of being forced to shell out cash early on, giving up space made use of a resource the company had in abundance, while also tying users more closely to the system by encouraging them to store more data on Dropbox.



On Demand In Demand | Music Industry Blog

  • The abundance of choice represented by 30million tracks is leading to shallower engagement, especially among subscribers.  58% of subscribers report listening to individual albums and tracks just a few times while 60% are doing this more than they used to because the are discovering so much new music. 

June 08 2015


Apple Music: A Platform Play With Hidden Nuance | Music Industry Blog

  • Placing radio centre stage is smart, as that’s how Apple will engage the early follower consumer, who will be Apple’s core target (other than winning back some existing Spotify users). Remember, Apple’s core priority is delivering the best possible music experience to as many of its device owners as possible. A 9.99 subscription service that works for 10% of them is much less interesting than a free radio service that works for 500 million of them.



Porn Time take Popcorn Time to its natural conclusion

  • Now the most obvious fork has finally arrived: Porn Time, Popcorn Time for porn. Our policy at TNW is not to link to illegal streaming services but seeking out the smutty variant is hardly difficult.


June 07 2015


donga.com[English donga]

  • To Korea`s shame, the country is the top exporter of orphans among member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
  • Pellerin overcame a sense of inferiority and defeat coming from being an abandoned child with the enlightened view that "something important happens by accident.
  • 2009, Vietnamese adoptee Philipp Rösler became Germany`s health minister and the first non-Caucasian Cabinet member in Germany.
  • slit-eyed

點評中國:歷史因一場悲劇而改變 - BBC 中文网

  • 1989年發生在北京的「六四」事件,通過國際媒體的現場播報,震撼了全世界。中國人並未從這場悲劇中受益,事件最重大的意義,在於中國蝴蝶翅膀的扇動,引發了改變世界歷史的颶風。北京街頭的槍聲沉寂五個月之後,柏林牆於同年11月9日一夜崩塌,此後的多米諾骨牌效應,迅速改變了東歐多國的歷史,直至體量龐大的前蘇聯轟然解體。共產主義陣營的斷崖式塌方結束了冷戰時代,成為20世紀最重要的歷史事件。

June 06 2015


All Songs +1: The Art Of Streaming : All Songs Considered : NPR

  • what we'll miss most about physical forms of music and what we hope the future takes into account. Both Bob and Jacob tell stories of album artwork leading to discovery (Bob's of Led Zeppelin, Jacob's of Brazilian artist Lô Borges), which leads to the question, how can forward-looking digital services preserve the best parts of the past?

Lisa De Simone: How U.S. Companies Export Profits to Save on Taxes | Stanford Graduate School of Business

  • The product can still go from the United States to Mexico, so there’s no extra shipping cost. And Bermuda has no corporate tax, so the firm keeps the full $100. No economic value has been added; there’s no business reason for the sale to come from Bermuda. The company has clearly shifted $100 of earnings offshore to avoid taxation — boosting its net income by 54% in the process.


  • By shuffling intellectual property around, these companies can locate income practically anywhere in the world, at least for non-U.S. sales, to minimize their overall tax bill.
  • In such a case, it would have been better for the parent company to retain ownership, do all the R&D domestically, and license the IP to its subsidiaries.

June 05 2015


Electronics manufacture service level contract | Electronics Services Directory Listings

  • Forecast changes must be received by Thursday to be entered into the weekend ERP/MRP run. Prior to the date that is 120 days before a shipment date set forth in any accepted Forecast, Customer may, in its sole discretion, make any changes to the items included in such Forecast, such changes including, without limitation, changes in shipment date or quantity. Thereafter, for products released to production with a monthly Forecast in excess of XXX systems per month, Customer may (i) increase the quantity of Products or (ii) reschedule the quantity of Products and their shipment date as TBD.


June 03 2015


中国大学目睹之怪现状 - 评论 - FT中文网

  • 反智主义在大学弥漫的结果,就是学术研究成果的质量和学者有无独立人格和批判精神早已无人关注,而抄袭剽窃和弄虚作假通常都会得到单位的包庇(对学术不端行为“零容忍”仅停留在口号上)。

June 02 2015


How Streaming Is Changing Music : The Record : NPR

  • Apple stands to gain plenty by luring its hundreds of millions of users to a subscription-based streaming service, but it stands to lose, as well: The transition will surely speed the decline of the single-song download, and iTunes, the world's largest music store, will feel that pain acutely. Apple's entry into the market isn't the signal that the world is ready for streaming music; it's proof that the transition has already begun.
  • As these services have taken hold — Nielsen says that in 2014, on-demand streaming rose 54 percent — the news media has primarily covered them in two ways: as generators (but not always fair distributors) of cash and as technological novelties.

May 29 2015


China is probably not really growing 7 million tons of asparagus every year – Quartz

  • Asparagus is time-intensive to harvest, which gives countries with low labor costs a distinct advantage. China’s Shanxi province has a surplus of cheap farm labor, Puette notes, and much of the fresh product is sold cheap to processors who then export to countries where they can undercut local prices.

May 26 2015


纳什:让你重新思考选择 - 新闻与分析 - FT中文网

  • 在纳什之后,经济学家不再一门心思考虑不切实际的完全竞争市场模型,而是开始关注那些每个主体都需考虑对手行动的案例。



A Simple Guide to Signing the Best Sync Deal Possible - Digital Music NewsDigital Music News

  • Sync” licenses are agreements for the use of music in audiovisual projects. Used in its strictest sense, a sync license refers to the use of a musical composition in an audiovisual work. The term “master use” license is sometimes used to refer to the use of a music recording (sometimes referred to as a “master”) in an audiovisual work. Sync and master use licenses can make money for songwriters, and master use licenses can make money for recording artists. It is possible for a license to include both a grant of rights in a song and a master if the same person wrote the song and produced the master.

May 25 2015


What the Blackberry guys said when they first saw the iPhone - Fortune

  • Like many established companies faced with a disruptive innovation, BlackBerry doubled down. And lost.



大象公会 | 中国的残疾人去哪了? - 中国数字时代

  • 无独有偶,“和谐号”列车上偶尔还能看到不小心留下的日文,被人诟病中国自主知识产权的纯粹性,但比之日本新干线列车,中国高铁没有母婴室,没有盲文(这或许可以理解,因为列车上有些张贴的提示语都不是通顺简练的汉语),足以证明它确实是中国原创的。

KKBOX執行長林冠群:音樂產業若不劇烈改變,有一天會被Candy Crush擊垮!

  • KKBOX在日本是第二大音樂串流服務,日本的數位還在非常初早期的階段(註:日本唱片公司還未普遍接受數位音樂及數位平台),串流才剛開始成長。以市占率來說,第一名是日本的電信服務業者NTT DOCOMO,提供廣播服務型的服務。第二名是日本網路及電信公司KDDI所提供的服務Uta Pass,實際上是由KKBOX所經營。兩大電信公司的音樂服務,在日本都有超過一百萬訂閱用戶。


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